The Superior Roleplay Experience

About FiveRP

FiveRP was started because of a passion for roleplay. Our founders have been roleplaying since 2013 and earlier; we've seen it all. FiveRP was launched with the mission of providing all players a superior roleplay experience they may not otherwise be able to have.

Most RP servers allow their users to donate for perks/features that will give them an upper hand in game. Others, well, it's total chaos the second you join. We sought out to fix that. With the help of people, willpower, hours, sweat, and tears; we're proud to deliver you FiveRP.

We didn't cut corners, nor did we make any sacrifices. We believe roleplay is truly intended to be a fun experience, that can be enjoyed by all. Our Community is whitelisted to protect that amazing experience we strive to deliver.

Welcome to FiveRP.

Why FiveRP

FiveRP utilizes an application-vetting system. This ensures our members only have a fun, engaging, stress free experience when roleplaying on FiveRP. This doesn't mean we don't accept those that are new to roleplay!
We love having the opportunity of teaching how to roleplay for those willing to learn!

Our server is using QBCore, and has some pretty cool features, such as:

  • Heists
  • An array of legal, illegal, and government jobs
  • Banking System
  • Skill System
  • Taxi Job
  • Phone System
  • Improved Inventory
  • 1v1 Fighting
  • Advanced Parking System
  • Auto PD Dispatch Callouts
  • and so much more..

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